intoxicated-breath asked: Haii could you please do All Time Low watching themselves on kerrang TV And could Jack be wanking behind the couch and Alex snuggling with him and Zach and Rian trying to get the little versions of them out of the TV :3 Sorry bout how busy it will be *\(^•^)/*

do u think this is a porn blog?????huh??? u wanna see jack touch his southern region??!!??square go like

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Anonymous asked: Dicks on fireeee tonight?!?!?

yes they are ablaze

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Anonymous asked: *roar*

thank u for ur motivating words

kellinmywaydowntown asked: Hey. This is your blog. You do what you want. And if anybody is mean to you: Piss on their sofa. (huge fan btw)

helo! thanku but its ok if people are mean cause i kept saying i’d start drawing again n never did. (also omg really i didnt realise we had like fans??)

shrek is love

clarblr asked: That's okay you're not a moron. And nobody should yell at you for not being on tumblr either.

aw thankyou! :)

im sorry

hi guys, i’m sorry that i’m a moron who never posts.

i don’t really know whats going on in the all time low scene lately so i haven’t really thought about posting on here.

i promise i will try to start posting again.

i don’t really use tumblr all that often so if you ever want to yell at me for never posting and whatever my twitter is ieroplant (im on there all the time bc i have no life)